ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
OG9W 10.1090027-Jun-2017 03:33 KF7E
R17CMR 10.1150027-Jun-2017 03:33 R7KRB
EU7A 14.2525027-Jun-2017 03:32 KA7HGW
US0CD 10.1091027-Jun-2017 03:31 N4QV
R17NZL 10.1415027-Jun-2017 03:31 RA4UDC
ON4NK 7.0760027-Jun-2017 03:29 DK6WH
UA3KW 14.0051027-Jun-2017 03:29 KR7RK
R6NS 14.1570027-Jun-2017 03:29 R6NS
R7TW 14.0116027-Jun-2017 03:29 N7RD
XE2RCS 10.1380027-Jun-2017 03:29 XE2EX
K0KP 50.2600027-Jun-2017 03:28 W4IMD
HA8RM 7.0080027-Jun-2017 03:28 ZL2RX
W1AW 1.8025027-Jun-2017 03:28 G4UFK
SM7EOI 144.3620027-Jun-2017 03:27 DK3XT
R0AK 14.0150027-Jun-2017 03:26 R0AK
HK1X 10,017.0000027-Jun-2017 03:25 UR5CN
LZ1EV 7.0160027-Jun-2017 03:25 K5SGE
I4LEC 7.1311027-Jun-2017 03:23 OE3DIA
K3FS 10.1380027-Jun-2017 03:23 YO7CKQ
RN3CT 10.1133027-Jun-2017 03:23 N4QV
HA8RM 7.0089027-Jun-2017 03:23 YV4JP
B7CRA 21.0230027-Jun-2017 03:23 JL1AGY
VK2QV 14.0760027-Jun-2017 03:22 XE2N
B7CRA 18.0830027-Jun-2017 03:19 BD4UN
NT2X 14.1520027-Jun-2017 03:17 UA1AEY
HK1X 10.1070027-Jun-2017 03:16 UZ6LWZ
KM4MDT 14.0760027-Jun-2017 03:16 R6LCG
K1FZ 1.8260027-Jun-2017 03:16 G4UFK
SV5/R2DX 10.1230027-Jun-2017 03:16 RA6AN
G4UFK 1.8260027-Jun-2017 03:16 K1FZ


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