ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

01062020 - I intent to make changes to the config hosting this page.

The dxCluster interface will be retained but the HTML (this page) will change. Let me know if you use this page

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
R2APD 14.0740006-Jul-2020 11:42 DL0HF
K1PXE 144.1900006-Jul-2020 11:41 WZ1V
5B60ALX 28.4300006-Jul-2020 11:41 UT4IXZ
K2E 7.0322006-Jul-2020 11:41 N5CM
13 Colonies - DE
WZ8D 50.1450006-Jul-2020 11:40 KZ4TT
5B60ALX 28.4300006-Jul-2020 11:39 EB1EHT
tnx. special call
UT7LW 18.0771006-Jul-2020 11:39 HA8LLK
VE1PZ 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:39 EA7HG
FT8 -15 dB 521 Hz
DF8XR 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:39 DL1NCH
FT8 -08dB from JO32 1221Hz
BX6ABC 1.8400006-Jul-2020 11:39 BX6ABC
NX3B 144.1900006-Jul-2020 11:38 WZ1V
EA5WO 70.1540006-Jul-2020 11:38 EA6SX
FT8 +17 dB 1081 Hz
RV3KJ 14.1855006-Jul-2020 11:37 PA1APW
Thnx Alex
MM0AMW 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:37 VE2XK
FN07IO75 tnx qso David
VU3DJQ 14.0740006-Jul-2020 11:37 YB7HE
FT8 -16db
9A3TN 70.1540006-Jul-2020 11:36 EA6SX
FT8 -14 dB 1281 Hz
LA1T 14.2250006-Jul-2020 11:36 SP5JK
9A2Y 70.1540006-Jul-2020 11:36 EA6SX
FT8 -4 dB 974 Hz
SV8JNL 70.1540006-Jul-2020 11:36 EA6SX
FT8 -2 dB 1663 Hz
2E0OBO 14.0110006-Jul-2020 11:36 R2WN
tnx QSO
SV2JAO 70.1540006-Jul-2020 11:36 EA6SX
FT8 -16 dB 1493 Hz
S57TW 70.1540006-Jul-2020 11:36 EA6SX
FT8 +22 dB 1655 Hz
E25ETT 21.0740006-Jul-2020 11:36 OK1ASG
FT8 -18dB from OK12 838Hz
9K2YM 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:35 VE1PZ
FN85QRLL48EQ CQ 875hz even
J69DS 14.0740006-Jul-2020 11:35 JM1HJG
7X2KF 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:35 IV3IZU
tnx 73
RW0AB 14.0325006-Jul-2020 11:35 SM1TDE
Tnks CW-QSO Alex.
PH9HB/AM 14.2170006-Jul-2020 11:34 DG4KAL
Aeronautic Mobile
SV9CVY 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:34 VE2XK
FN07KM25 TU FT8 qso
VE2XK 50.3130006-Jul-2020 11:33 SV9CVY
2832 ~ CQ EU VE2XK FN07


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