ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
VP6R 7.0230021-Oct-2019 04:56 W3LPL
Heard in NH
UT2QQ 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:56 RV3EFP
FT8 -16 dB 2082 Hz
US8AR 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:56 LZ5GM
EB3JT 7.0740021-Oct-2019 04:55 KC4HQS
LZ5GM 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:55 US8AR
FT8 +4 dB 1601 Hz
UR5ESC 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:54 LZ5GM
3D2AG 10.1040021-Oct-2019 04:54 W3LPL
Heard in BC
VP6R 7.0560021-Oct-2019 04:54 IZ8DFO
3D2AG 10.1040021-Oct-2019 04:54 K6XT
LZ5GM 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:54 R5WM
FT8 +5 dB 1692 Hz hrd
US6UQ 145.5000021-Oct-2019 04:54 US4IEK
KN87UX:TR:KO50JM tnx qso
VP6R 7.0560021-Oct-2019 04:53 WA6NHC
UR8EP 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:53 RV3EFP
FT8 -20 dB 1486 Hz
3D2AG 10.1040021-Oct-2019 04:52 RX6B
up1 LP
UT5IG 144.1350021-Oct-2019 04:52 DK5EW
JN48MBKN97CW -28dB-V
VP6R 18.1300021-Oct-2019 04:52 JR4ABB
T30GC 14.0050021-Oct-2019 04:52 UA9LT
SP better
UR8EP 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:51 RV3EFP
FT8 -7 dB 1486 Hz
VP6R 7.0263021-Oct-2019 04:51 K6XT
big sig
VP6R 3.5230021-Oct-2019 04:51 PY7DJ
pse SA - best 73
5K0K 1.8120021-Oct-2019 04:50 W3LPL
Heard in NH
KP4TF 10.1180021-Oct-2019 04:48 W3LPL
Heard in MA and NC
3D2AG 10.1051021-Oct-2019 04:47 ZL2AIM
T30GC 14.0050021-Oct-2019 04:47 RA7A
LP up1
S79W 18.0950021-Oct-2019 04:47 JA2HYD
FT8 F/H-mode
RK7N 144.1740021-Oct-2019 04:47 UT8AL
TNX QSO! Best= -05
3D2AG 10.1040021-Oct-2019 04:47 ZL2AIM
Correct freq up 1
5T2KW 3.5150021-Oct-2019 04:46 EA4SE
T30GC 14.0051021-Oct-2019 04:44 A65CA
cq up now
VP6R 3.5230021-Oct-2019 04:44 EW7LO
UP 1.1 Tnx!


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