ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
SP1KRF 21.0740019-Mar-2018 12:09 CT2GRF
tnx QSO FT8 15M ..73
VU3ARP 14.1900019-Mar-2018 12:09 OZ3AT
5/4 Thanks qso
TN5R 24.9450019-Mar-2018 12:09 SV2CXI
59+ the oters dxp/tion nill
PJ2/DK6SP 14.0020019-Mar-2018 12:08 IZ2GIL
73 Phillip de EA8/IZ2GIL
PJ2/DK6SP 14.0020019-Mar-2018 12:08 R3RT
ND0B 50.2600019-Mar-2018 12:08 K8ZR
PJ2/DK6SP 14.0020019-Mar-2018 12:08 EA7BUU
tnx up 73
TN5R 24.9450019-Mar-2018 12:08 G3PXT
59 bare foot
PC9DB 28.1246019-Mar-2018 12:08 PC9DB
Trying 10m WSPR
RA6PKB 7.1260019-Mar-2018 12:08 YU1WAT
EA9ABC 14.2900019-Mar-2018 12:07 IW2KSM
V. V. GOOD ++
3C0W 18.1030019-Mar-2018 12:07 SP1KQR
*RTTY* UP * fb *
3C0W 21.0290019-Mar-2018 12:07 DH2YAZ
TNX 73
DU9/G0FDJ 14.0181019-Mar-2018 12:07 R3RT
UR5WCE 28.0740019-Mar-2018 12:07 G0JEI
swl -16 swl
W4FWS/B 432.3070019-Mar-2018 12:06 KW4BY
9Q6BB 18.1410019-Mar-2018 12:05 EC1AP
Gracias Fernando 5/9 en Gijon
3C0W 21.0290019-Mar-2018 12:05 DJ2II
up1.5, ufb, tnx
DL8OAZ 21.0740019-Mar-2018 12:03 CT2GRF
tnx QSO FT8 .. 73
EA1UY 21.0740019-Mar-2018 12:03 HG0NQ
Thanks QSO FT-8! Many 73!Bye.
W4FWS/B 222.0600019-Mar-2018 12:03 KW4BY
EA9ABC 14.2900019-Mar-2018 12:03 IZ2LUS
mobile 5/9
EA3FNZ 7.1850019-Mar-2018 12:03 EB3FFM
Diploma MIR, últimas llamadas.
VP2EGO 10.1050019-Mar-2018 12:03 K5PA
Up 1, Jim at Key
EH3DWN 14.2600019-Mar-2018 12:02 HA2NM
ES100O 10.1260019-Mar-2018 12:02 ES1TU
Estonian Republic 100
TN5R 24.9450019-Mar-2018 12:02 G0EOU
strong 5up
OH8JGG 14.0716019-Mar-2018 12:02 LZ1AEY
tnx qso Kari 73!
9Q6BB 18.1410019-Mar-2018 12:02 LA4UOA
tnx 5/9 simplex
W4FWS/B 1,296.0243019-Mar-2018 12:02 KW4BY


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