ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
DH9TB 7.0740016-Apr-2021 10:48 SP6SG
FT8 -01dB from JN48 241Hz
SF6F 144.3600016-Apr-2021 10:48 R3FI
DT8A 7.0609016-Apr-2021 10:47 N5XZ
EA9ACR 28.0740016-Apr-2021 10:47 IZ8MBW
FT8 -04dB 1494Hz
R60CTC 18.1450016-Apr-2021 10:47 R5AJ
HZ1WARD 21.0740016-Apr-2021 10:47 F1TXI
A71AE 24.9150016-Apr-2021 10:46 F4UJU
FT8 -02dB from LL55 1413Hz
DK2EA 50.2800016-Apr-2021 10:46 M0CTP
MSK144 +5 dB
KX4RC 10.1360016-Apr-2021 10:46 SP3DOF
FT8 - 73 gl
PU1FAP 21.0740016-Apr-2021 10:46 F4TTR
FT8 -18dB from GG99 1517Hz
F5IUZ 7.0500016-Apr-2021 10:45 F4IVS
frontiere du luxembourg
W5XO 7.0752016-Apr-2021 10:45 LU1EEP
TNX 73
RT60YG 14.1570016-Apr-2021 10:45 UA4WW
tnx QSO
EI3ISB 145.5250016-Apr-2021 10:45 EI7GUB
IO63UGIO63 Thanks for the qso
DL2AO 7.0740016-Apr-2021 10:45 SP6SG
FT8 -16dB from JN58 954Hz
5Z4VJ 28.0750016-Apr-2021 10:45 JA2LMA
PT7RF 21.0740016-Apr-2021 10:45 F4TTR
FT8 -17dB from HI06 1991Hz
EI6FR/P 10.1142016-Apr-2021 10:44 EI5KO
EH4WRD 7.0850016-Apr-2021 10:44 EA5JAR
World Radio Day
EC5AHA 7.1350016-Apr-2021 10:44 EA1BKO
CCS-172 MVCS-0856 DME-12138
UT1EK 21.1800016-Apr-2021 10:43 A65GD
Very nice QSO with Anatoli
AP2SD 18.0700016-Apr-2021 10:43 S55G
mr.Saud 5NN tnx 73
R2014NC 14.0335016-Apr-2021 10:42 PD5SS
KC5KE 3.5748016-Apr-2021 10:42 VA3ROC
DK2EA 50.2800016-Apr-2021 10:42 M0CTP
MSK144 +12 dB
4Z73KX 18.0730016-Apr-2021 10:42 SM6FKT
Tnx Mark
K1TZQ 7.0120016-Apr-2021 10:42 VK4DX
CT2GZE 21.0740016-Apr-2021 10:42 F4TTR
FT8 -20dB from IM59 625Hz
HL5BCH 14.0725016-Apr-2021 10:41 G8OO
JT1BV 18.0730016-Apr-2021 10:41 S55G
5nn tnx 73


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