ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
OT70RSX 3.7400022-May-2018 19:47 ON7WZ
IV3CBI 14.2460022-May-2018 19:47 PY2TKB
PZ5XX 18.0820022-May-2018 19:47 EA4CRP
tnx qso 73 qsx up 1.30
S57DX 14.2530022-May-2018 19:47 OE5POP
5/9 CQ CQ CQ
4X5MZ 10.1368022-May-2018 19:47 EA1SI
JH1HDT 10.1230022-May-2018 19:47 I5MXX
IW7DHC 14.2650022-May-2018 19:47 IU8CEC
RL5A 14.2130022-May-2018 19:47 LZ5RD
tnx qso 73
OT70TWS 7.0590022-May-2018 19:46 PD5SS
OT70OST 14.2370022-May-2018 19:46 UW8RR
tnx QSO
OT70TWS 7.0590022-May-2018 19:46 OE7RMT
cq cq cq
VP8LP 14.1850022-May-2018 19:46 IZ1PON
IW2FLB 14.0700022-May-2018 19:46 IW2FLB
COTA psk31
ON70NBT 3.5808022-May-2018 19:46 SV1JMC
VP8LP 14.1850022-May-2018 19:46 PY2FZ
cq cq
SA4DHT 14.0711022-May-2018 19:46 SQ9LFQ
VP8LP 14.1850022-May-2018 19:46 IZ8UDQ
tnx 73
N3RS 7.1300022-May-2018 19:46 G0FEA
QRP contact 5 watts. Mny tnks
4L4NW 7.1470022-May-2018 19:46 HA7JN
OT70CRD 14.2550022-May-2018 19:45 UW8RR
tnx QSO
IW1RIU 10.1360022-May-2018 19:45 R6DIS
RL5A 14.2130022-May-2018 19:45 DO3HTH
5B/YO3GNF 21.0759022-May-2018 19:45 F1DSZ
II6CNT 3.5850022-May-2018 19:44 IK6XEJ
Special Call
S01WS 50.3130022-May-2018 19:44 9Y4D
PY7ZZ 21.0740022-May-2018 19:44 9A6IV
5B4AMX 28.0740022-May-2018 19:44 HA9AL
CQ FT8 -14dB
HZ1TT 14.1760022-May-2018 19:44 DJ7YP
tnx 73 de Helmut
IU1CYA 7.1670022-May-2018 19:44 IQ1QQ
award ferrari 5 pt
IW0SAG 3.6605022-May-2018 19:44 IW0SAG


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