ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
LZ2KTS 7.0747006-Feb-2023 02:44 N8IK
DS2CXN 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:44 YC1JEL
FT8 -21dB from PM37 931Hz
W1AW/0 7.1820006-Feb-2023 02:42 WB5VFF
3 beam Yagi
JK1SOO 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:40 YC1JEL
FT8 -05dB from PM96 470Hz
Z39M 3.5314006-Feb-2023 02:37 W2KA
thanks QSO Zoran!
KD2AGW 7.0747006-Feb-2023 02:36 N8IK
DS2LOE 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:35 YC1JEL
FT8 -19dB from PM37 824Hz
UC6Y 7.0746006-Feb-2023 02:35 N4WQH
VA3EBM 7.0747006-Feb-2023 02:34 N8IK
JH1UGN 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:34 CX2SA
FT8 547 Hz - TNX 73 DX
Z39M 3.5564006-Feb-2023 02:33 K4WMS
9U5R 10.1320006-Feb-2023 02:33 N9AU
FT8 F/H Tx above 1000hz
9H4CM 446.5500006-Feb-2023 02:32 NK9O
W1AW/0 7.0310006-Feb-2023 02:32 N0TR
Tnx.fer S.D.
VK5PAS 7.1440006-Feb-2023 02:32 VK7XX
no copy on you today Paul
Z39M 3.5314006-Feb-2023 02:30 W3LPL
Heard in NH
W1OC 14.2880006-Feb-2023 02:30 K6NAR
NH Merrimack 59 in Ca Tnx
W1KX 3.5980006-Feb-2023 02:29 WA1VAB
PP2CC 7.1690006-Feb-2023 02:29 ND1M
JA9IFF 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:29 CX2SA
FT8 499 Hz - TNX 73 GL
NR0Q 3.5740006-Feb-2023 02:29 N0ZNA
W1AW/4 7.0340006-Feb-2023 02:28 KC2WUF
W1AW/0 7.0310006-Feb-2023 02:27 KC2WUF
OK1FIA 3.5120006-Feb-2023 02:27 EI9JF
JL1NDJ 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:27 CX2SA
FT8 1435 Hz - TU 73 DX
W1AW/4 7.2080006-Feb-2023 02:26 W5MUF
VOTA 59 in Little Rock AR
PY4XYZ 7.0740006-Feb-2023 02:26 PY4EP
FT8 -11dB from GG78 425Hz
K0BBC 28.0740006-Feb-2023 02:25 UD6AOP/0
JA1RPQ 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:24 YC1JEL
FT8 -03dB 227Hz
7L1CYC 21.0740006-Feb-2023 02:24 CX2SA
FT8 749 Hz - TU QSO 73


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